Sunday, July 15, 2007

นโยบาย (ถ่วง) IT

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Bangkok Post Database >> Wednesday July 11, 2007


The Thai telecoms tangle

In one of the greatest press scams and reporting failures of all time, the Official Censor of the 2006 Military Coup said he was going to end the blackout of; after so-called "newspapers," agencies and TV stations worldwide dutifully "reported" that "Thailand gets YouTube back" and "Thai Government lifts YouTube ban" (actual world headlines from publications and alleged reporters who never checked), Information and Communications Technology Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom simply didn't lift it. They laughed when Mr Sitthichai stood up to tell the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand he had only banned 200 web sites.

In one of the most surprising developments of the year, the members of the TOT board of directors who watched their chairman Gen Saprang Kalayanamitr fire acting president Vuthiphong Priebjrivat for opposing the lifting of 800 million baht from the state agency instead of using the military budget for some secret military surveillance project, voted to approve the lifting of 800 million baht for a secret military surveillance project.

Finally, the government arrested the 14 sex-phone service women whose 1-900 moan-for-pay activities were ruining the country; police said their Thai Televoice firm was taking in 175,500 baht a day.

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