Tuesday, October 28, 2003

This is the song I co-wrote for APEC 2003. It's received a lot of favorable comments, and will be available on CD soon (I think).

Music by Wirach Yuthaworn
English lyrics by Jakkrit Srivali

Here we are, reaching out across the ocean
In a world of differences we are one
Though the seas keep us apart, every word is from my heart
Hand in hand, we’ll see each other through

Drawing strength from our great diversity
Giving hope for generations to come
Making our community ever more open and free
Come with me, let’s make our dreams come true

Partnership for prosperity
Partnership from diversity
Partnership comes from you and me
Let us build a partnership for the future

With our hearts set upon the goals we share
With our faith and trust to guide the way
We will make each other strong, make it right when things go wrong
That’s the way a partnership should be

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